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Celebrate L   ve

with our
Valentine's Day Specials 
Now available for pre-order and in retail stores.
        XOXO Mini Pack
Our best assortment of 12 mini cupcakes adorned with hand decorated cutouts & tied with a ribbon.
$21.95 / pack
chili choco-straw swirl.png
      Our Feature Cupcakes
Strawberry Swirl
Vanilla Strawberry cupcake with a mixture of dreamy vanilla and strawberry buttercream, and a drizzle of our home-made strawberry sauce.
Chili Chocolate
Chocolate cupcake dipped in a special chocolate ganache with chocolate buttercream topped with heart-shaped fondant.
(available starting Feb 11, 2019, while quantities last)
        Sweetheart Cookies
Soft melt-in-your-mouth cookies packed in a peekaboo kraft bag. A special treat on Valentine's Day!
$14.95   box ( 6 pcs)
$4.95     pack (2pcs)
(GST not included in prices)
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