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Order Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Bliss & Co. Please fill out online form below and send or print form and return by email or fax to (403) 281-8823. We will contact you back promptly.


  • 3-4 days notice for cakes and 9" pie orders (orders must be made before 3pm)

  • 24 hour notice for cupcakes two dozen or more for bulk orders. (North Bakery only)

Catering Menu



Monday to Friday

10am-2pm slot

Must be paid and confirmed by 4 pm the day before.

Monday to Friday

2pm-6pm slot

Must be paid and confirmed before 10am.

Saturday/Sunday: 2pm-6pm

Must be paid and confirmed before Friday 4pm.

Order Desk hours:

Monday-Friday 10am-4pm

Order Desk is Closed

Saturday and Sunday.

Please call order desk (403) 281-8821 Ext. 1 for more information.


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