Blissful Event Planning and Design


Whether you have a special occasion or a small group gathering, we can customize your event to whatever dream or idea you have in mind. At Bliss & Co. not only do we have cupcakes and other desserts to suit your needs, but a design team to build on your dream into a creative masterpiece. Our artistic designers are available to help you plan your event effortlessly with flair and uniqueness.



To start, these are the simple steps to a perfect Bliss & Co event:


1. Email the date of your event and the number of expected guests.

2. We will then send you our event price list and a request for additional information.

3. When we receive your information we will send you a quotation.

4. Upon approval of the quotation, we will arrange for a consultation and booking.

5. At time of booking we require a 50% deposit to save the date.

6. For further inquiries please

    Phone: Justina (403) 281-8821 (Mon-Sat 10am-4pm)