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Cake in a Jar 
Bliss & Co. would like to offer our fabulous cake in a jar
as a gift idea or simply a portable dessert to eat at
the movie theatre, on the road or simply something
to indulge in over a couple of days.
All our cakes in a jar are filled with our signature
cupcakes and buttercream with the added bonus
of our homemade cream and fruit fillings.
(will need to be refrigerated)
All cakes in a jar are wrapped in a red ribbon. For
an additional $1.00 charge, we can add your choice
of a personalized message on the tag or stamp it with
any of our ready greetings:
"Happy Birthday", "Hope you have a special day!",
"Best Wishes", "Especially for you", "Thanks so much"
and "Thinking of you". 
At no extra cost, we can even add a white fork to your order only by request. All our jars are made to order so do give us at least a days notice for preparation. Multiple jars will be encased in a box for ease of transportation.
The following is a list of flavours ensembles, but feel free
to create your own one of a kind in a jar for a personal touch!



black forest

our chocolate cake layered filled with creamcheese and homemade cherry filling



your choice of vanilla or chocolate cake layered with creamcheese and homemade raspberry filling


lemon dream

our lemon cake layered with creamcheese and homemade lemon curd for perfect creaminess and tartness


classic vanilla

our vanilla cake layered with your choice of blue or purple vanilla buttercream and homemade vanilla buttercream


strawberry bliss

your choice of vanilla or chocolate cake topped layered with strawberry buttercream and homemade vanilla buttercream



your choice of vanilla or chocolate cake, layered with mint buttercream and chocolate buttercream


chocolate bliss

chocolate cake layered with our chocolate buttercream and vanilla buttercream


chocolate flip

chocolate cake layered with our blue vanilla buttercream and vanilla buttercream



our moist carrot cake with creamcheese and coconut buttercream


red velvet

southern red velvet cake layered with creamcheese and vanilla buttercream


caramel bliss

chocolate cake layered with homemade caramel sauce, chocolate pastry cream and caramel buttercream


island dream

coconut cake layered with creamcheese, toasted coconut shreds and buttercream



$4.95 each
(GST not included in price)
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