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Our Story


Bliss and Co. Cupcakes and Desserts is owned and operated by Sylvia and Justina, sisters who took a leap of faith from their careers to try their hand at entrepreneurship. One sister had all the knowledge, patience, and experience to manage the bakery, while the other sister had the passion, self-taught baking skills, and science to create the goods. Together they founded the first nut-free cupcake establishment in Calgary.


The bakery opened it's doors in February 2009 in a modest location that was once a run down Chinese bakery in Calgary’s Chinatown. With hard work, faith in their products, determination and tremendous support from loyal customers, Bliss & Co. Cupcakes opened it's second location in Chinook Centre (Sept. 2010) and Bow Valley Square 2 (Jan. 2011). Bliss & Co. has now reached it's 3rd year mark, and still, the sister's are happily preparing and baking the cupcakes, cakes, and desserts on location.

Humane Effort

Bliss and Co is committed to the humane treatment of animals.  Our efforts begin with the purchase of  Alberta Raised Certified Free Run

eggs in all of our products.


We are hoping that these small steps will encourage others to make the same efforts to support a humane environment for all animals.

When you buy a cupcake from  Bliss & Co.  feel content that you  are making a change by supporting a local bakery that supports local farmers who care about what you consume.

Investing in your community is a great way to give back to those who have helped support your business. Volunteer groups and non-profit organizations do so much to help the communities that all of us are a part of, but they can't do it alone.

​Bliss and Co is proud to be a part of charities that make a difference to our local and national community. If you or a charitable organization would like Bliss and Co. to be part of any fundraising efforts, please send us an email with details about the organization and event.


JUNE 2011 - Banana Chocolate cupcake A GORILLA SIZED THANK YOU! In the month of June, our "Going Banana's" promotion managed to collect and donate 168 old cell phones to the Calgary Zoo's Conservation Outreach fund.

Next year we hope to double that number...


Bliss and Co. feels very strongly about being responsible to our Earth. We understand that every act of conservation matters and we are committed to only purchasing packaging that is recyclable.

We also offer the option of using paper products over plastic products to our consumers. We use green cleaning products and manually recycle on a daily basis all of the packaging we receive. 

We also minimize the use of disposable paper and plastic products by purchasing materials that can be used multiple times. Bliss and Co. believes in taking care of our home and that any environmental impact starts at the individual level.

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